Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peace Poem Project

1,000 poems of peace

folded into 1,000 paper cranes

1,000 paper cranes taken to the Peace Park in Hiroshima

Honoring Sadako Sasaki and all children killed, maimed and injured in adult wars.

Youth showing the way to Peace for all.

The Peace Poem Project was started, with love, by Charselle Hooper on February 15,2009, at Janet Shirley and Ken Dickinson's home at a 'Poets On Peace' event for
"The World March for Peace and Non-Violence" http://www.marchamundial.org/en
We will do an anthology of the poems, print the poems on origami paper and fold them into cranes and deliver them to Peace Park in Hiroshima. We will document our poetic journey in visual images, on the world wide web and in many other mediums.

We are currently seeking funding for this project to help call: 1.415.453.5362.

Send peace poems along with this sentence: I (your name) give permission to The Peace Poem Project to use my poem to promote peace. Then date it. I will then post them to the web.



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October 2, 2009

Can you effect World Peace?

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