Monday, June 29, 2009

Political Prisoners (#9)

Political Prisoners

by Brent Turner 2009

Political Prisoners I’m spinning in circles from this war on the streets

They’re starving our children just to balance their sheets

They lie to the masses when they tell us we’re free

There’s so many taking so much more than they need-

Red lights flash in homeless eyes at night

Revolution in my head

The change has come y’know the time is right

So hard to keep your family fed

and the state of the union keeps us searching for a better way

and there ain’t no reason for oppression in the USA

It’s so political when quasi-intellectuals are running our society

You’re all political prisoners like me

You’re just like me

The bill of rights has been torn in half by a court that has no shame

Are you right or are you left with the feeling we’re all the same ?

And there ain’t no reason to believe a single word you say

and there ain’t no reason for oppression in the USA

I Brent Turner give peace Poem Project permission to use my poem to promote peace.

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