Saturday, October 2, 2010

Novato Farmers Market 9.21.2010


Peace means quiet

Peace means I am happy

Like now

Drawing and painting peace.

by Melissa, 6 years old

Novato Farmers Mareket 9.21.2010

Listen by Natalie

Listen to me

I speak of peace

My peace is reading

My feelings are calm

My world needs a horse

My family needs peace

When Peace is surrounding me

I need you to be calm

Peace is feeling good

Peace is being happy


By Natalie age 8 years old

Listen by Anonymous

Listen to me

I speak of peace

My peace is happy

My feelings are my purpose

My world needs mine

My sadness needs peace

When Peace is far away

I need you to feel happiness

Peace is here

Peace is now


Novato Farmers Market, 9.21.2010

When You Are At Peace You Are Happy…Gabriel

Now drawing

Or writing

Or riding my bike.

By Gabriel, 6 years old

Novato Farmers Market, 9.21.2010

When I'm at Peace, I'm Happy by Jezeleen

I am happy drawing and painting

by Jezeleen, age 3 years old

Novato Farmers Market 9.21.2010

Listen by Cynthia

Listen to me
I speak of peace
My peace is safety for my & others families
My feelings are happiness
My world needs calmness/quiet
My house needs peace
When Peace is around me
I need you to absorb it
Peace is happiness
Peace is calm

by Cynthia age 40

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Marin County Fair 2010


Darkness...peace can be that

Peace looks like love

Peace looks like light

Peace feels like love

lots of space; breath, not so

much hope, let's not

hope for peace, but just

have it...why not??!


Marin County Fair 2010

Sun, moon, stars


This is what peace is

The sky,

The grass,

These are always peaceful

But the people haven't

Quite learned yet

But we will...

We will.

by Anonymous

Marin County Fair 2010

Peace to the world

is one of most

important things.



age 10 years

Marin County Fair 2010

Peace for all, Peace for me.
Peace on country, Peace on earth,



Marin County Fair 2010

I have the power

I have the force

I have the power

To make my message of peace

Take its course



Marin County Fair 2010


In Action



In Action


P.F. Suyehiro

Marin County Fair 2010

Peace is finding a lost puppy.


Marin County Fair 2010

Peace, Love, Not War

Thats what God

Made us for



9th grade

Marin County Fair

When you are at peace you are happy.

Happiness is free.


Marin County Fair 2010


Listen to me

I speak of peace

My peace is__now_

My feelings are_joyful_

My world needs_more peace_

My __friends_ need peace

When Peace is___abundant_

I need you to _be part of it_

Peace __expands__

Peace is__infinite__




fill in the blank poem by Charselle

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Marin County Fair

The World Needs Us Now.


only a word - could be silence
could be harmony
but to many it is much more

Together-creativity can flow through us together
sing together, love together, and create together.
creating peace together.

My friends, together. We love each other.
I love you only if we are together
In peace forever.

Chloe Isabella age 14

Marin County Fair 2010


I see peace in the dream of peace.
Breathing peace, I melt and I expand
It can happen anywhere, peace.
It lives in the breath and lies
quietly, waiting in all of us.
But the big problem with peace
Is that it is not a dream; it
is a choice. A choice we have
to make~ again & again.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Marin County Fair

Peace begins from within

Once you get there....

Share it.

let peace radiate out

in all you do...

Susan.....young & peaceful at heart

Marin County Fair 2010


Listen to me

I speak of peace

My peace is___blissful_____________

My feelings are___peaceful____________

My world needs___peace_____________

My __home________ needs peace

Peace is _______abundant______

Peace is_____always these___________


Isabella age 12 years

Fill in the blank poem by Charselle

Marin County Fair 2010


Listen to me

I speak of peace

My peace is___love_____________

My feelings are___wonderful____________

My world needs__peace and love______________

My __life________ needs peace

When Peace is___lacking______________

I need you to __help_____________

Peace is ___love__________

Peace is___life_____________


Sofie age 12 years

fill in the blank poem by Charselle



Listen to me

I speak of peace

My peace is__calm______________

My feelings are______blissful_________

My world needs_________mutual understanding______

My ___mind_______ needs peace

When Peace is___present______________

I need you to __listen_____________

Peace is ____beautiful_________

Peace is_______here_________


Ryan Cleary age 14 years

fill in the blank poem by Charselle


Peace is only accomplished
if many people help to
contribute to the cause
So help recreate the world
and end violence, stop the
hate and contribute to
the cause

Elisa age 13 years

Marin County Fair

Peace will only be reached hypothetically

If we all work together, though, and

and this will be incredibly difficult,

that theory can be erased and replaced

by peace, happiness and understanding

Peace will only be reached

When we're all ready



Marin County Fair 2010





Marin County Fair 2010



yeah, it's peace


Marin County Fair 2010

Peace And

Love is

Better for


Marin County Fair 2010

When daddy and mommy

are not mad at me

I am happy

When I am happy

I am at peace

Crystal age 7 years

Marin County Fair 2010

I saw flowers

Jesus loves you as
he loves me

I say Hi!

I will pray to Jesus

For you

love, Emely 3 years and Mama

Marin County Fair 2010

It is my decision, as the collector of these thoughts and poems on peace,to post them on this blog in there original format... misspellings are they really or are there deeper meanings? I leave that for you to decide:

"Peas is write" frum Izzy

Peace Poem Project at Marin County Fair 2010

The fair was wonderful i had great help from Ryan Cleary and Sarah Kreuzer .... many many thanks to both of them....the Pasquinelli family helped out as did Paula Syuehiro and Maureen...and of course the most honorable Takashi Tanemori....thank you everyone.

We collected 62 cranes and thoughts and poems.

Some people write their own poems, from scratch, other people like to use one of the fill-in-the-blank poems I write. These are great for people who are intimidated at the thought of writing or people who have some sort of challenge ... say someone cannot write I can use a fill in the blank poem and we create together.

Here is a fill-in-the-blank poem by Bridget age 10


Listen to me

I speak of peace

My peace is_love_

My feelings are_happy_

My world needs_help_

My __happiness__ needs peace

When Peace is__cold__

I need you to __help me__

Peace is ____my guidance__

Peace is__the world_


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Peace for Sarah

Peace for Sarah
In Memory of Sarah
By Jordan Z-H age 10

Trinkets and dolls and white lace shawls
Homies and bobble heads with flowered quilts on her bed.
Antique pillows to prop you up
With hot Earl Gray tea steeping in your cup
She served crackers and cheese… on a fancy plate,
With morning moments like these,
Making Mr. Wayne wait.
As his hand…it would give…, a bang on the hull,
He shouted “get up Sal-Gal this is your last call”.
“Oh woof” she’d reply
And then with a snarl…
I am, Mr. Wayne!”…
But I knew she meant in a while,
She’d reach for her coveralls and with a small struggle
She grumbled under her breath,
“That man needs a muzzle”
With a one, two, three…
Pulling on her engineer boots
Out from the cupboard
Came some MOST delicious fruits…
She always amazed me with surprises like that,
Like a magician…pulling a white rabbit…out of a hat.
I was never really sure what kind of life she had led,
But she always put stories of fairies dancing in my head.
There was no sense of time with Aunt Sally and me
Sitting on her boat or taking a long walk discussing my troubles.
To me she was special in so many ways
I will always remember her when she would often say…
I’ll see you later Jordie, and with a smile,
Do well in school and don’t forget….to be a child.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Peace means the fighting should end
Peace means the war should end
Peace means people should agree
Peace means everyone is treated equally

-Courtney Islam age 8

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Marin County Fair

Thank you for Peace Poem Project's success at the fair.

Hello All,

The Marin County Fair was a splendid success for Peace Poem Project. We collected enough cranes to be approximately a tenth of the way to our first Senbazuru. The most amazing thing was to see that the project works…the point is to get people thinking about peace. It was wonderful to see 5th graders sit for twenty minutes contemplating what to write or to watch the little ones light up when they said what made them happy. I loved seeing that people wanted to be included and could put aside their fears of writing because they felt it was important. Here are four of my favorites:

Peace (#13)
by Samantha 6 ½ years old

Peace is love including
Kindness that
Being kind to
Mama Earth

Peace (#12)
By Daniela Nicole 9 5/6 years old

I think PEACE needs to be spread
I think there needs to be a PEACE sign on everyone’s head
I think the world needs birth
For love, PEACE and hope all around the earth


Fire Peace Dude (#11)
By Julien 10 years old

The Fire Peace Dude
His name is rude
Peace is his destiny
The world is at ease
When rude is
In Peace


Breaking (#10)
By Kevin Cao (around 15 years old a break dancer)

Breaking is peace
Peace is a style
Balance is peace.

My heart is filled with gratitude to each and every one of you that made this possible:

Melanie and Tennessee for helping me, with their enthusiasm, before the fair and Tennessee for taking our first peace poem crane to Hiroshima, (can’t wait to see the photos).

The Marin Arts Council:

Thanks for thinking of me and giving me the booth. Argo and Lance rule!

The Marin County Fair:

Charlie and Julie thank you for giving me an extra day at the fair and for all of your support and encouragement and golf cart rides.

Bay Area Computer Training:

What can I say, Ken and Janet, you have been an integral part of Peace Poem Project, with your vigilant support, from the beginning. You helped me in all sorts of ways everyday:
from computer training to supplying typing paper, to car rides, to hands on help with the participants …I could not have pulled it off without you.

The World March for Peace and Non-Violence. check out the website

Our friend Janet, whose tireless work for world peace and non-violence, has actually been the reason we are all connected together. Thank you Janet, for everything and everyone.

Rumi Restaurant:

Thanks Perry for sending Melanie and me to the Robert Bly reading at Dominican. Not only did it reinforce my belief in the power of poetry but Robert let me stand up and tell the whole audience about Peace Poem Project.

Novato Peace:

Don you were so generous to bring your Peace Poles to the fair for me. I think we had the most beautiful booth at the fair. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get them. I also thank you for the car ride.

The MYC (Marin Youth Center):

John and Letitia it was fabulous to have you film the booth and interview me. Letitia was spot on as an interviewer and I look forward, not only to seeing the footage, but also to doing more together in the future.

Guadagne Family:

You helped immeasurably on Saturday by not only getting me there, but also by providing an opening, to other youth, to come in the tent just by your presence. Joe your daily support is the foundation that our true friendship rises upon.

Takashi and Yuki:

Arigato Takashisan. You gave me a validity and priceless support that was beyond anything I had dreamed of.

Mark Stefanski:

What an amazing gift, you gave me, by opening up the world of Marin Academy to me.
I thank you for that and every thing else, including transport. What an amazing person you are.

My Splendiferous Team:

Anjuli, Allie and Lauren put in tireless hours teaching, folding and helping people bring out their inner thoughts. Each of you were amazing and so necessary … you made the event possible.


Thanks for your support, your participation and your friendship.


Thanks for believing in me.

Everyone who emailed or called and gave me support;

You are my life-blood.

With great respect and gratitude,


October 2, 2009

Can you effect World Peace?