Thursday, May 20, 2010

Peace for Sarah

Peace for Sarah
In Memory of Sarah
By Jordan Z-H age 10

Trinkets and dolls and white lace shawls
Homies and bobble heads with flowered quilts on her bed.
Antique pillows to prop you up
With hot Earl Gray tea steeping in your cup
She served crackers and cheese… on a fancy plate,
With morning moments like these,
Making Mr. Wayne wait.
As his hand…it would give…, a bang on the hull,
He shouted “get up Sal-Gal this is your last call”.
“Oh woof” she’d reply
And then with a snarl…
I am, Mr. Wayne!”…
But I knew she meant in a while,
She’d reach for her coveralls and with a small struggle
She grumbled under her breath,
“That man needs a muzzle”
With a one, two, three…
Pulling on her engineer boots
Out from the cupboard
Came some MOST delicious fruits…
She always amazed me with surprises like that,
Like a magician…pulling a white rabbit…out of a hat.
I was never really sure what kind of life she had led,
But she always put stories of fairies dancing in my head.
There was no sense of time with Aunt Sally and me
Sitting on her boat or taking a long walk discussing my troubles.
To me she was special in so many ways
I will always remember her when she would often say…
I’ll see you later Jordie, and with a smile,
Do well in school and don’t forget….to be a child.

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