Monday, July 5, 2010

Peace Poem Project at Marin County Fair 2010

The fair was wonderful i had great help from Ryan Cleary and Sarah Kreuzer .... many many thanks to both of them....the Pasquinelli family helped out as did Paula Syuehiro and Maureen...and of course the most honorable Takashi Tanemori....thank you everyone.

We collected 62 cranes and thoughts and poems.

Some people write their own poems, from scratch, other people like to use one of the fill-in-the-blank poems I write. These are great for people who are intimidated at the thought of writing or people who have some sort of challenge ... say someone cannot write I can use a fill in the blank poem and we create together.

Here is a fill-in-the-blank poem by Bridget age 10


Listen to me

I speak of peace

My peace is_love_

My feelings are_happy_

My world needs_help_

My __happiness__ needs peace

When Peace is__cold__

I need you to __help me__

Peace is ____my guidance__

Peace is__the world_


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